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star-fish's respiratory organs being a very favorite abode.
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the metal. Mercury has been recovered from the tissues
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tebral caries, tuberculous gro.vth, sarcoma, or an uncom-
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same streak, which he said was seen less constantly in
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power of infection. Inoculations made with the products
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and plugged the larynx with a sponge. This permitted
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work and relieving the unyielding pressure, so that he
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change was discoverable in the membrane, owing to the
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The experiments of Stein fully corroborate this view.
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that is wanted to make the poor frightened fellow think
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him that I could not find a trace of sugar in his urine ;
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able. One case of his had three thousand fits in fourteen
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The results of the use of the Davis and Sayre splints, or
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thigh and waist being in place, the patient is lifted up above
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of rabbits, the animals died with a disease very distinct
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upper portion of the windpipe and the neighboring parts.
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the growth was facilitated, during laryngotomy, by using
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One lung, a part of one lung, or of both lungs are involved
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F. within the first twenty four or forty-eight hours. Wun-
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