pears, an important factor, but phthisis is said to exercise
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until perfection was possible. No word, nor even phrase,
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he would have had a better result had he operated earlier.
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some discomfort and difficulty in swallowing. There was
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tissue of the lungs ? We confidently expected pneu-
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so that the three influences — continued excretion of the
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the lungs. It is, nevertheless, possible that the inhalations
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In August, 1S87, eight months from time of operation,
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oid bone with those of the costo-chondral articula-
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studying the difference in the rapidity of the muscular
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could do neither of the last two even when the idea was
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thoroughly, and clean the ulcer with a piece of absorbent
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trary to advice. No autopsy was obtained. Donovan's
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fever In such cases the temperature curve loses its re-
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dition was secondary to the local trouble in the rectum,
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made a rapid and perfect recovery. I am sure, had I
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women sick with puerperal septicemia? In the affirm-
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break the bone of a child under three years of age, espe-
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From the advocates of antiseptic treatment may come
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text-books to show what the course of the temperature in
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" On behalf of the Executive Committee, I have to an-
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which she is somewhat irritable, and following upon this
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epistaxis into five groups: i. Traumatic and ulcerative.
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the temperature did not fall ; in the morning it was 38°
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tions. The lesions have, however, not been constant. If
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sulting scar surface, so that the natural condition of the
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its being practicable only at the early stage of growth ; for
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cause. In pruritus due to pediculi, ascarides, an irritable
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In cholera infantum the great prostration, the anxious
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vere emotional disturbance even in the father may lead