not endorse this particular scheme in adopting the reso-
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to draw the skin aside, make a quick oblique incision,
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aphasia in which the lesion was limited to these parts
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ferior vena cava. The treatment should be alike in both
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of the canal by any form of suture as a matter of slight
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and it kills only when the animal is too small and weak in
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given in doses of three drachms in the course of the day.
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also substituted m for four in counting from one to ten. The
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was no recurrence of the first growth. He introduced a
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granulation, pulling away the sutures as they became
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know, nor is it material to this report of the case. I first
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probable from the demonstrated presence of tubercle
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in 8, 8, 16, 20, 25, 30, and 40 years. In one case the
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was ehminated. It did not cure the specific fever, it only
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If the local institutions cannot educate students sufficiently
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fully performed in one case. The cervix was drawn down
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patients that are sent to the Adirondacks are obliged to
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The physicians in the government service are all gen-
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brought about by this practice, and in several cases the
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tube, and as suffocation was imminent, laryngotomy was
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inflammation on the other, there intervenes a long series
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time : There was a tumor just below the right internal
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death of Drs. von Langenbeck, Du Barry, and Clausius, and
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of pilocarpine in the dilating and expulsive stages of labor,
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communicate with the sinus before mentioned. A drain-
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Examination on May 14th failed to reveal any sensory
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due to enlarged prostate, one by attacking the gland
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Dr. William Osier, of Philadelphia, sends to the fournal
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became clear of pus, but the patient soon developed
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2. It is easily tolerated by the stomach ; does not pro-
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would be little temptation to drink it. Under the micro-
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suffering from hydrophobia. The father, a peasant aged
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manifested by the oral and nasal chambers. The exper-
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be on hand to hold the antiseptic solutions, also some