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cause death of molecules, which being crowded out of the

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pect, on returning a few days later, to hear that the patient

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flammation with discharge from the ears occurred. The

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form of motor aphasia, due to a lesion of Broca's centre.

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its macerated and atrophic condition. He had seen a

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July 10, 1887, at such dose range as to burn clothing

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the manner in which the author speaks of the defendant

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jured Broca's convolution, and that his symptoms were

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specimens without special regard to what is at present

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The method, it seems, is not entirely free from objec-

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animals which had been bled one or more times, with ref-

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Perineal lithotomy is jireferable to the supra-pubic

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of the mouth, including those of the teeth and alveolar

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ed that comparative pathology was a word that as yet

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sions due to ursemia, lead, and other toxic agents ; and

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haemoglobinuria and in an intermittent albuminuria ac-

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less efficient than the latter. The germs, apparently, are

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age of cases of puerperal diseases. Formerly in that lios-

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atrophy of the corpus uteri. The portio vaginalis is of