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more fragments of clot were removed by the sinus forceps,

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Medical Record on the above subject have greatly in-

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appeared one and a half inch below the right nipple.

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in a child whose mother exhibited a congenital coioboma

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The thoracic wound was on the right side, parallel to the

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where, in Cadiz, the cases numbered 48,520, and the deaths

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who preferred to be treated by women should be allowed

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Busey, 1545 I Street, N. W., Washington, D. C, for a

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one in the nape of the neck, the other in the dorsal spine,

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He illustrated his report clinically, and was sorry to state

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disease is established, the daily quantity of urea excreted

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and should be supplemented, at the earliest possible date,

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insomnia with delirium. The syncopal form is by far the

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comparatively common after operations in nasal cavities.

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cers serving in the Medical Department, United States