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eral joints, appearing on the twelfth day of the fever. At
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toms had lasted for five months. She had constipation,
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worse, the temperature toward the end being 106^, and
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maker, of Philadelphia, relates his " Recollections after
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cessfully, and these, had they been delayed as in his case,
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length of distance. The exertion was constant and vio
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cases which have resisted the ordinarj' medicinal and di-
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with sequestrum, as in Bettman's and one of Beach's
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of age, first conception, at the end of the ninth month of
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this country is much greater than is needed to attend to
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cases. In treatment, the question of rest and exercise
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duration. The patient was unable to pass urine except
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ments upon dogs it was found that the contraction of the
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body who are interested in the subject of operations for
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by subcutaneous injections of pilocarpine which would
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ed that comparative pathology was a word that as yet
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few months, and tested its virtues in a variety of skin
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germs should be prevented by cleansing the wounds, im-
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sterile according to Soxhlet's method, it is far simpler, as
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these had been taken. In one severe case of acKanced
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in connection with bronchitis. Her temperature, how-
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says : " But the most important of all, and on which all prospect of
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living organism. And so with all other medical agents or