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Class VI. — Case of intercostal neuralgia cured. No
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disinfection is concerned. But the results, so far as re-
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healing more nearly approximates nature's method, i.e.,
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M. Glenard's view that enteroptosis or ptosis of parts
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established after the brachial artery was torn across, mor-
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will, by direction of the Secretary of \'ar, proceed to
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2. Between the fourth and sixth months, destruction
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nosis. In spite of large doses of carbonate of ammonia,
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the leg was not immediately restored. Gradually^ how-
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articles of food, such as meat or milk, soon become tainted
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consider this as an assimilalive group of diseases."
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proved positively useful in some cases. There are some
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present in many cases. The mind in tliese cases is obliv-
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mor. The post-cervical glands are not perceptibly en-
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in a state of fusion or solution. Decomposition occurs
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concretions) ; he then made an incision three centimetres