through the genital tract. In general the zymotic diseases

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outbursts of passion, which are quite the opposite of her

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surgical aid could be obtained at the public expense, and

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plained of a feeling of extreme weakness of the limbs,

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3. A lesion, or pathological change, at seat of trouble.

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longer period. The general results obtained by observa-

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and malt extract should also be given in this treatment,

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President, Dr. D. Haves Agnew, of Philadelphia, Pa.,

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lymph. The mucous foUicles and glands are enlarged and

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tn, xi of a ten per cent, solution into one of the tonsils,

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seeing the effects of imbibition of water upon the bodily

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The museum also preserves, for future investigations,

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perience, but he did not believe that, when strict antisep-

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ease required an operation. There were two cases of

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with the snare attached to it, may be lifted out of the

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be understood as advocating any lack of intelligent care

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York Board of Health, for these gentlemen had never

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October 14, 1885. Since three years of age the child had

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sidence of the tumor to a marked degree, even after six

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Early in the year 1884 I was called to Brooklyn as con-

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neath the cortex. And if the problem of the differentia-

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that this catheter fever was septic fever, and that in every

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portance and has a wide range of usefulness in general

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ciety and every time he had been told that his diagnosis

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neurasthenic states may be superimposed upon organic

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Mears ; " Report of a Case of Simultaneous Ligation of

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to his daughter, in which he said : " We have had one

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nection with the dead and dpng elements within the tis-

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terminate in five or ten days it is very hard to be posi-

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from the pericardium, i.e., by the coronary aiteries. The

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