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in such cases. This was often of very great service in-

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Of the radical operations there were fifty-three cases,

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that CO ossification of the separate elements of this bone

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dependently of the local and general mischief of which it

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He used the term forced respiration in contradistinc-

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much abused by being kept up too long. With all our ef-

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is favored, and we effectively counter-irritate. The tech-

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in women than men. While agreeing jierfectly with Dr.

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when the patient has not yet employed any remedies, as

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tion of the enema. In other cases two or three enemata

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self in form, as well as in motion, we see the spermatozoa

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humerus. The periostitis generally appeared five or six

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aged thirty- one, which presented a large perforation

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tried at once the stomach-tube, and succeeded in giving

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caused great pain, and were often referred to neuralgia.

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angular gyrus. Removal of the bone resulted in complete

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agency of high temperatures in bringing on the disease,

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syphilis. He contends that such small doses tend to in-

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and malarial fevers. The Board of Health of this city

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" enterotomy " and colotomy. The cases have been col-

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gree of deformity was reached in a few months. In the

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resumed for twenty-four hours, when milk is once more

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handles, and the front man mounts the box. All being in

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I have noticed that some of my colleagues, after having

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flies. Two years later Marpmann reported the results of

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copious, but thin and black. She had no sleep, and on

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