rectly diagnosed and recovered under operation. All of

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while yet students and strove to adapt their whole course

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ation would almost surely follow. To use the forceps

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rabbits died as in the previous experiments, the only dif-

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to form ointments. Behrend has had satisfactory clin-

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far more than is the case in most subjects, where it has to

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patients, one sixteen and the other twenty-one years of

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fracture of the jaw, and my privilege to assist in the treat-

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thousand cases annually. As a considerable proportion

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Medico- chirurgical Society, held October i, 1888, was

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is superior to gelatine capsules or tolu balsam. Frankel

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Case X. — Miss A. L , aged thirty-two ; first seen

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reason to believe, so far as the statements of the patients

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Wurzburg, has published a remarkable case of abdominal

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cidental. The child was put to bed. In the evening of

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risy treated by salicylate of soda, and the results which I

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therapeutics, but so far as pneumonia is concerned, sci-

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too delicate and of no practical importance. In insur-

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officer of health (Dr. Hine, of Bradford) has been dis-

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moved in six days. There was an accumulation of lluid

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of the recent, and often abundant, quantity of fat devel-

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least three weeks, speaks so eloquently in favor of the

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with the lens. It was pushed onward until it was thought

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difficult to wire the fragments, a bundle of from eight to

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and because "cachexia strumipriva" is not always avoid-

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was often a great deal of difficulty in the diagnosis. He

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patches, about half the size of a silver dime, were noticed

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sand to ten thousand feet above sea-level, or to Riverside,

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improved rapidly and was discharged. Diagnosis : Con-

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a slow but uninterrupted convalescence though he was

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according to the circumstances of each case. I believe

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of fibroid involving the fundus and body, and did not ex-

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John Hunter's lancet, which has no scientific interest

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The author was not sure whether the patient had had a

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Infirmary, by his experiments with antiseptics removed