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typhoid fever seen in this region during the past ten years.
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I'he ten chapters which compose this treatise were pub-
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tension of the disease from these. He referred to cases
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first reviewing the history of diphtheritic paralysis, which,
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constant and severe that it had forced him to resign a lu-
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tion in children, where the prostate is small, I avoid the
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the lung. Ten years ago such a treatment would have
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cases, but it shows the resistance in different individuals.
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will be held in October ne.xt. Among the subjects to be
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muscular spasm and consequent intra-articular pressure.
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cerned, by the following comparison of the mortality sta-
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thus. — Mr. W. J. Clapp reports, in 7 he Lancet of July 21,
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In the large class of chronic cases of bronchitis, bron-
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tract between the temporal and frontal lobes more seriously
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