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complaining of feverishness, pain in the abdomen, and
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the same situation in respect to medical literature ; but
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In jaundice we had not a great, but a certain, amount
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of the rectum, but no evidence of peritonitis or extravasa-
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of Daviel and of Graefe, since the employment of cocaine
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the slightest pretence, forsake the regular profession and
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came out all over the body ; there was catarrhal conjunc-
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used, physical examination reveals nothing. The author
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cyanosis of the nails of the left foot and some impairment
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transparent ; vitreous is crossed by a dense, broad mem-
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remedy inefficient in these affections was because he dis-
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many sources there are for these hemorrhages ; lesions
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seek their food, defend themselves from danger and at
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time the bronchitis persisted as the most prominent symp-
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ing a month, the only unpleasant effects produced being
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is usually more sudden in the former case. In experi-
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recently held at Naples, Professor Ceccherelli drew at-
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called for, as that of Challes, France. The Red Sulphur
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of studies, and of a higher standard of qualifications for
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long series of murders was committed in Westphalia by a
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waters break out, and streams in the desert. And the
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1 Dr. Stephen Bowers, in the Golden State, March 3, 1888.
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The practical conclusion was that the neurologist and
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tions, and came to the conclusion that the effect of the
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Horsley had examined the specimens this morning and
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The results in this series of sixty-two cases of enteros-
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with advanced tuberculosis. The second case which he
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and a few punctate opacities. The left lens was m posi-
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dependent position, etc., is quite liable to a congested
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cases, the results are quite as good as are obtained by
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This brings up a fact with which the most competent have