absence granted for one month, on surgeon's certificate
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ness in one family had its origin in canned apricots.
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— except, perhaps, the greater size of the growth removed
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the same attack. In addition to the immediate relief af-
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digitalis group, and serpent venom, in small doses are
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navy, and members of the titled aristocracy ; no less than
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ity. They constituted no mean connecting links between
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models, etc., used for illustrating lectures. For example,
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on the gastro-intestinal tract may be studied best from a
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inordinately mourned the other's loss, it has been ascribed,
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eal operation is the best. This allows of examination
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The corneal refraction was found to be the same in both
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rically the same as before the operation ; about the same
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fect coaptation of the parts. Five or six strands of cat-
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ported 168 cases, occurring in his own practice, of ex-
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of muscular tissue led the reporter to regard the tumor as
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from the results of these experiments as related by Dr.
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modified during the growth and development of the child,
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senting all the symptoms of cystitis, in which the autopsy
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neuralgic in its character. I have classed with the latter
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knee ; and to immobilize the knee, it is necessary to immobilize the
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my opinion, misleading, and, while the importance of
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submitted to the opinion of competent electricians. \Ve
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and the blood which received the poison. He claimed
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The object is to avoid the removal of the renal ganglion.
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later there was decided increase in the swelling in the side
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jection of the dorsal region in rabbits and guinea-pigs.
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The term tumor should be used in its sense of a swelling
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be kept warm. In the night she had another rigor, her
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drainage support, and sinks into the perforations made in
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the fourteenth blood ran from her nose and she died.
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stances. It is seldom dangerous to the patient, because
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view of the many disappointments most of us have ex-