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tension (that is, prevent intra-articular pressure) with them, but that
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gree of certainty. The recent investigations of this sub-
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tice recently. A young lady presented herself at my office
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pecially, where the perineum is intact, a small ostium
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with a few illustrated cases. I am well aware that it is
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operation as a rule. A protective bandage is rec[uired
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symptoms seemed to point unmistakably to typhoid fever.
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on the contrary, verruca accuininata are non-syphilitic,
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found was a large amount of pharyngeal glandular tissue
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terial for its sustenance m the skin, and, unless it can
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Ane, in the case of the Hendon disease, had gone to the
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close to the insertion of th; quadriceps tendon, this being
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He believed that electricity offered the best chances of
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the chancre period as an abortifacient. Although as
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wished that some change in the tenure of sanitary appoint-
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Chinese physicians, because their treatment is generally