the judgment of the inventor of this system, the Abbe de

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The quality, also, of the albumin, as well as its quantity,

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ethmoidal cells, but the other cavities were not explored.

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diphtheria pre\ious to a paper of Dr. Mount Bleyer on

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ideal union they are interwoven like warp and woof, built

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Hence in diphtheria, where, pre-eminently, secondary con-

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tax their stomachs beyond their normal capacity with [<dti'

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verted and heavy, both ovaries occup)ing the cul-de-sac,

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plaster, and had no further trouble. He reports over

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of her epileptic paroxysms, also occur independent of her

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having had no less than fifty cases within his own practice

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gorum, lycopendron bovista, and spongia marina. The

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By means of these trial frames the tyro can succeed in

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speculum, as the procedure invariably causes much pain.

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contagion, or the typhus poison, and sometimes from al

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injuries and diseases to which troops may be exposed ;

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elbow. He is unconscious of the pricks of a pin or a

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piratory sounds were absent over the whole lung. No

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recognize the word. But he cannot arouse it directly by

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the lungs, shutting off a portion of its circulation and

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might be carried on with perfect safety close to farms.

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begins to diminish, the skin loses its tenseness, and

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were on the forehead ; the boy was \ery anxious ; had a

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His was an old inguinal hernia on the left side. I used

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