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recent paper entitled " The Therapeutics of Diphtheria," '

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This paper led to an interesting discussion as to the

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made inside the abdominal cavity. He related several

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made on children, 65 of whom had tuberculous glands,

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as a sheet-anchor. Calomel in small doses, and guarded

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usually springing from a light deposit of cerumen which

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middle ear. It would appear, then, that some relation

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in the Mail and Express : " A misalliance often men-

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tween the two. They sometimes came on together, and

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rectum. Therefore it is absolutely necessary in all of

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the cephalic (Edinburgh Medical Journal, July, 1888). In

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reciprocity of registration between Great Britain and this

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only relieved by the employment of the iodide of potas-

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United States of America, which he places under the rule

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these cases a disease exists, the result of pathological

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ophthalmometer of Helmholtz, with the object of making

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most every park and yard in the towns of Southern Cali-

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Heart normal, containing some blood-clots, but evidently

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Association on behalf of the medical profession of St.

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available, but thought that in very few cases would this

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teria, is the vaguest. Having reference, as the derivative

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sufficiently grave for admission into another hosoital,

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and may thereby postpone constitutional infection, it does

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which, he states, suddenly subside if the contact is pre-

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ing with some traumatic lesion ? " To state it more

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Sooner or later, however, they are liable to become sud-

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instance successfully ; but the patient exposed himself six

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we would have to use altogether seven parts of water to

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operations were performed, the rule is not to operate ex-

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failed to dislodge it. He applied at my office six hours

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females — fifty-nine of whom were below sixty years of age