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although there has been an import tax removed in the
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to be neat and efficient. (See Haskell's " Compendium,"
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an inflammatory lesion of the kidneys, whereas the other
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By senile coxitis the author understands a rheumatoid
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not he was holding a nail in his fingers ; since then he has
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2 Principles of the Treatment of Diseased Joints, by Hugh Owen
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mains immovable, and gives information as to the extent
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tory of the author's \-iews. But in anisometropes there is
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spots returned upon the back. The staining produced
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After her fits she is dull and stupid, and suffers but little
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stitutional forms of the disease. And when it is considered
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surgeon another, no one has as yet shown the reasons
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hand, and from observation, it is now an accepted fact
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Of the developmental variety, or those whose intellect-
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Vichy (alkaline saline, like the European Vichy), and Beth-
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of tobacco had been found in the urine. Warm, moist
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observation she had discovered a swelling in the right
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Case IH. — Mrs. J. V , aged forty-two, complained
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that of a large walnut. The pulmonary artery was much
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abdominal pain and vomiting, which had gradually be-
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tion by Horsley may be followed by the discovery of the
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not recall an instance in which I have met with the disease
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tions, however, can be acquired by training, and everyone
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ing themselves acquainted with those classes of disease
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