sented some irritability. The thyroid is not usually en-

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hemorrhages into the vitreous, or by a hyalitis, the result

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The sentiment, so long divided, with regard to the con-

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aseptic. Owing to the closely adhering gums these fractures

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would think they have positive proof of a sure- antidote in

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pertrophies were removed, the hj-pertrophies of the sep-

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tic folds were swollen, of a dark-red color, and almost

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placed in the bladder, carried over the symphysis, through

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stomach in this disease had_led him to prescribe an alkali —

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has only been felt sporadically on the Pacific coast of North

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Dr. Butlin reports, in the British Medical Journal, a case

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dull and sleepy, but the second day after he was brighter, and

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the other boys, the injury occurring while attempting to

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were in use before the operation was fairly begun. Then

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forbid a man to marry his aunt or niece, but this is al-

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Of the seventeen operations done on fifteen patients,

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F. K , aged forty-two, married ; shoemaker ; German.

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skeleton or two was preserved for purposes of instruction ;

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its friends, he might still live to do some great good in

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if these diseases are relieved by local measures, it proves

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blance to amyloid change, but is essenrially different.

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much more probably due to debaucher)', extravagance,

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tistics, it has been with the plain intention of giving a

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of disability. Paragraph 2, S. O. 41, Division of the Pa-

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hundred and fourteen. The mother and paternal uncle

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chest. The patient died three days after the operation

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had gone far enough. It was now time to call a halt, or