the neck. He then studied the case carefully and made
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ralgia. Comes on periodically from exposure to cold.
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patient was very tired, and doubting still her power of ex-
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September 26th. — In bed several days ; weak, feverish,
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for the pathological basis for these eruptions. He had
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attempts at writing had been made until I tore off and
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completely fill it from the drum-head or near it to within
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stance, so that in this matter some human beings were
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where most to be deplored. In electrolysis, as far as he
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is no more dangerous to remove than many other organs.
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its passage, for this stage was soon completed and the ex-
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IN THE Throat. — Dr. Stocquart, in the Fans Mi'dical,
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my own experience, that one who has charge of a library
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lower extremities, both in regard to motion and to sensi-
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He asserts that, in the opinion of Moncover, Dujardin-
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effect and ultimately from cicatricial effect ; and that
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red under its employment, and Bentzeff is quoted as be-
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tirely at variance with the modern idea of this relation.
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itself. Perhaps it is not morbid. It has some resem-
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us in supposing that there is a specific degenerative effect
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nutrition is associated with increased local temperature,
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and this, in turn (model and surrounding mousseline), is
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a layer of absorbent cotton one-quarter of an inch thick, ex-
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of solid tumors of a non-malignant character associated
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excess leads in any special manner to the development of
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to the right side of dilute nitro-muriatic acid. A flannel
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extractive materials derived from the earth and plants,
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left foot. Then he could not spell, and became quite
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some hope that it may do so, and that there is a " fight-
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the patient a few whiffs of chloroform; the side had been
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