passing the bulbous explorer, and bleeding in some, and
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muscle, viz. : convergent or accommodative, and associa-
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the presence of a swelHng at the base of the bladder,
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ianesthesia (Charcot). 3. Same group wath absence of
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than the inharmonious working of individuals ; hence the
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Though its application was originally based on a theor}-
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might be combined with each other. Setting aside some
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more susceptible than another, and the same person may
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portant part in tiie elevation of temperature seen in
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the nucleated red corpuscle to the non-nuclealed form,
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Dr. Beveri.v Robinson, of New York, read a paper on
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may regain their normal strength. In ordinary cases such
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fairly be said to have passed the time for an early diag-
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affected toes, ^holding them flat. In another case, oc-
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of such influences as contribute to sepsis, then our arma-
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Acne, of which there were fifty-six cases, was much ben-
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not quiet the sohcitude of the unsuccessful candidate for
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" Where do you live ?' he read three times aloud, and
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organisms of various kinds suspended in the sewer air and
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such an irregular course that tlie careful clinician thinks
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eye was normal and the vision was good. The patient
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phic as in front. There is not necessarily any obstruction
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operation until the next intermenstrual jjeriod, but was
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the parts. I then confirmed my diagnosis. I could easily
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remedy is spirits of turpentine applied b)' frequent wash-
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Lancaster, England ; Dr. Mendelsohn, Drs. Weinstein
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city, in an apparently very strong man. There were sev-
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in the chronic stage ; (6) the tendency to become chronic
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condemned. Through all histor)- all great advances have
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not always productive of results, and the best, most prac-
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cally compounding arsenic and gold. This preparation
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greatest, as in the depressions, respiration is easist.
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and the adhesions between the serous surfaces were very
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