often moved ; the stools were scanty and thin. The ab-

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the operation. He always left the other ovary if truly

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of surface in this cavity and its unusual degree of ex-

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I'Epee, contained in two letters addressed to his follower,

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of the atmosphere on the surface of the fluids. In 1836

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After the introduction of the catheter he was ill. The

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marized as follows : Cancerous destruction of the larynx,

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relation to this operation is the same as to. other laparot-

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sometimes very evident in the small veins, but are not

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gregationalist says " that since 1880 there has been a sys-

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ening, as you like it, on successive days, with the weight

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These cases are sufficient to demonstrate the grave con-

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nasal trephine, I bored through the right middle tur-

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L. Nichol, M.D., Nash\'ille, Tenn, ; " Hysterectomy

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with digitalis. In this way he was able to give more calo-

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made certain by characteristic symptoms, especially by

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Journal of the Medical Sciences, August, 1888, contains

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ascertained, but the most liberal estimate, based upon the

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and, as not infrequently happens, it may be produced by

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amount of some one of the ingredients, I have not had

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and containing in its centre the cicatrix ; this disclosed a

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office; one who was a leader of his profession in one of

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chronic rhinitis. Clinical observation has shown that this

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and darkening the urine. This is different from another

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made, or seen, an experiment on some tissue to convince

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imperfectly educated people. There is, however, not the

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moved by amputation of the cervix than by total extir-

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a vesicle, a discharge, or a state of desquamation. h\A

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which had been reported. Has frequently seen temper-

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available as to recurrence, or the contrary. The cases

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testimony presented in his paper last year was in favor

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digitalis, and nux vomica, and liberal stimulation, he died

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chronic diarrhoea, bronchitis, dyspepsia, nasal catarrh, and

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three of the adhesions which were on the stretch. At least

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mercury and iodide of potassium was indicated in cere-

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ter. The first command is executed by the front and