of the bladder vvithout entering the cavity of the abdomen.

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from Keyport. I was astonished at finding my patient

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the possible dependence of the anatomical alterations

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In an old English case, cited in Wills' " Circumstantial Evi-

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angle of scapula. Respiration sound very feeble ; the

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apparatus. They may be external or internal. The external

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range, for total daily solids, from sixty to seventy-two

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aturing too fast, etc. The hemorrhage which thus en-

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and the presence of bacilli among the granules, marks the

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thought to be due to the accumulation of " mastzellen "

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long, and this catheter, oiled, is passed gently to its full

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wool wound upon the end of a vulcanite carrier or held

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the colleges and the profession, and I would refer anyone

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The diagnosis was " Erysipelas (?)." " James Brennan,

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weak. While in the Radcliffe Infirmary, the most charac-

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chronic diffuse nephritis, so that it seems to me hardly

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pox in Missouri this winter. He had the cases all nicely

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and central temperature, lowered the temperature as a

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brain and nervous system is anaesthetic and paralyzant.

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to 80^ than to 70^ F. in the winter." The ticklishness of

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their intervals of freedom. The amount of this influence

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in many cases to lesions of the epid.d)-mis. He thought it

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ordinary symptoms, in fact, of chronic laryngitis. To

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infectious affection, transmissible to animals, and very

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tissue element, as regulating these processes. He proved

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than from any other, I am well aware how faulty it is, and