but, unless the greatest care be observed, and in the later stages the
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Marked softening of the splenic pulp to such a degree
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Horsley, Weir and Seguin, Lloyd and Dearer, and others.
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quires to be supplemented by the cautery, and to be em-
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semble very closely those of circumscribed otitis externa.
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contents had slipped baCk into the abdomen, where he
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effects of this measure are limited to the colon, the fluid
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had still further diminished; feeble respiration sounds
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skeleton or two was preserved for purposes of instruction ;
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kept at a temperature of 45° to 50° F., and the rest at
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price demanded for a complete laparotomy equipment,
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achieve a wise medical legislation are, first, the ignorance
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a day. This quantity was amply sufficient to supply
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vicinity of the National and of the Army Medical Mu-
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June 1 8th. — Fundus nonnal ; no floating bodies in the
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a thousand influences. Atavism may explain many of the
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were fatal, while of 94 cases of the first class 93 ended
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pneumonia after the contents of the dilated ureter had
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der, and this was accordingly removed by median incision
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the finishing touch to the inquiry, and soon abundant
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the vaccine virus produced typical umbilicated vesicles.
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the right side, and deafness on the same side. He said
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