proposed operation. Complete removal of the fibroid
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brain, or reflex, in sympathy with organic disease in some
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splint, and the foot elevated for about eighteen inches.
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handles. All being in readiness, the chief commands :
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nine days, at a time which would not interfere with di-
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her a little buttermilk and whiskey, which she retained
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nurses, day and night busily engaged with the sick. The
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ing that it was not clear that scarlet fever was derived
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ease or derangement that should be sought out and cor-
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nounced his case hopeless, and the coroner ordered a
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remain in contact with any mercurial solution, which dis-
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and Leeds. He suggested that more attention should be
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been in the habit of taking previous to the attacks of lead-
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fifteen to thirty grains of antipyrin in two doses, fn a
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ported ; recontraction occurred in sixty-seven cases, the
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a large proportion of accidents, injuries, and minor chronic
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predisposition of man to tuberculosis, which had doubled
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cerning a certain operation, or the testimony of a patient
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two or three hours before the operation. After administer-