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cannot do this. In some cases the abscess is so small, and
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is an industrious and accomplished physiologist, and many
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as an excellent remedy in tubercular affections of the bones
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digger, aged thirty-five, came to consult me on the 8th of
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jects chiefly : (1) Prophylaxis by proper attention to cli-
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absence extended one month. Par. 17, S. O. 178, A. G.
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material in these diseases. Gastric atony, catarrh, dila-
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tioned in the Ccntralblatt, was at the posterior inferior
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seen, and rhinoscopic examination showed that the tumor
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the manner in which the author speaks of the defendant
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died three days after admission. The diagnosis was made
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prisonment, perhaps the fagot. I apprehend that the
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of the country' physician reading papers in the metropolis,
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employment. Of the t86 cases included in the table ul
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ing it loses its influence for good when impartial judgment
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that adynamic type which is present in typhoid fei'er."
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magistrate gave it as his opinion that artificial fecundation
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deaths said to be directly attributable to my treatment.
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cord was incised, there was escape of pus. On the day
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tannici. The patient made a good recover)' twenty-one
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cent, in the years 1845-46-47, to i8^ per cent, in the
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sions, conjugations ; teach them to construct parts of sen-
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of the superior constrictor results in a rotation of the mu-
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in the flesh at the time the animal was killed, and they
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the point of the knife-needle, and I had to withdraw it
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body. The man winces and complains at a veiy slight
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cauterized section by section. To do this methodically,
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of glaucoma with astigmatism of this form, and of astig-
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pairs of Malgaigne's hooks, which had been previously
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patient got affected with tetanus he was rather embarrass-
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faradic currents ; increased reflexes ; attacks of gid-
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periods, without complications, clearly point to a like con-
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constant use and was worn for about six months, when
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we can arrive at any conclusion. Mr. Horsley suggested