would be the effect of small quantities of lead in predis-
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tion was scarcely perceptible. The cause of death was,
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acid, justify the generalization of their employment in
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pressure, which is the destructive agent in ti'jsease of the hip-joint.
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syphilis, had also, in the Rescue Society's Hospital of
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search has grown also, and I think that in like manner,
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inserted with the aid of a Sims speculum and long for-
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Shall we operate in spreading gangrene ? He answered
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casis came from .A.lsace and Lorraine, and he thinks that
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highest degree of perfection of which it is capable." The
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present time : Urst, that of opening the abdomen, dis-
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to much discussion. The plan of Macewen, to dissect it
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a bichloride solution, and a large drainage-tube inserted
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its normal vision. Early in January, 1888. she had a
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hard to detect. It is to these that I wish to call atten-
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branes, in the others they were intact. No. I. came
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\iENT OF Surgical Dexteritv. — Deftness and delicacy
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away all the old traditions and claim for her the earth
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are apt to be disappointed at the loss of tiieir muscular
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sloughing, the tissues, instead, become dried and hard,
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dred and twenty feet below sea-level. Here are beautiful date-
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new electrode, which is soft, and not only a good con-
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examination of the bodies showed that in acute poisoning
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scribe that none shall practise medicine except persons
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obtained by this means the cure of a case, which had re-
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matter to judge of the exact mortality of pneumonia;
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diameter, covered with rather long hair. The tumor,
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The api)lication of a truss after an operation we be-
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kidney had not been destroyed by long-continued (though
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ularly back of the neck. She also had a profuse dis-
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the voice of the man may cause us to recall his name
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pears to bear a close resemblance to that of Volkmann,
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displacements, hernias, and deformities of all kinds are
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ly appeared in the British Medical Journal. Dr. F. de