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the bladder for eight to twelve days. Rydygier's method
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The committee's conclusions under this head roughly
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patient's brother and sisters have perfect eyes, and the
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was scarcely heard. The profession of medicine ought to
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called " sudden death of typhoid," spasmodic dysphagia
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does not reply, but when it is repeated gives his name
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use of Sharon water locally, In the commencing phthisis
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was the subject of a paper by Dr. H. H. Mudd, of St.
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symptoms differ from one due to polio-myelitis anterior.
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straight forceps through the urethra into the bladder, and
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for the satisfaction of knowing absolutely their condition ?
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has reached the conclusion that it is of value in certain
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much worse this morning. Pulse, 130 ; breathing labored ;
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M.D., St. Joseph, JVIo.; J. G. Carpenter, M.D., Standford,
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happiest results are obtained in treatment, namely,
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