copic examinations were made with great frequency. Fifty
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specimens prepared by those who used such terms in their
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of the water-supply of Rome and other cities was given,
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= |g- -I-. The fundus presents the usual appearance of
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tion in Boston in that year. Dr. Rohe^ is quoted as giv-
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public service. Headquarters Department of the Mis-
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purpose to describe this refuse other than to say that it
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critics asked what was puerperal fever, he would ask, in
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conditions, acute and chronic, or lesions of continuity
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work is done in the dispensary, where as many as three
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In 1884 J. Bettman'' read a paper before the Chicago
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but grow freely in their unexhausted contents, and there
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in the hospital in cases of cancer. Of these, forty-one
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and our poverty have prevented our attainment of them ;
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later. The revival of the use of the forceps, the pro-
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suddenly and irregularly. During defervescence there is
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described a case of impetigo in a non-pregnant woman,
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he believes that in most of these cases there is dilatation,
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to four weeks sufficed for a complete cure. In cases of
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were 1 1 cases which terminated fatally. Of the remain-
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douches, astringents, suppositories, tonics, paintings of the
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tion of such a rational basis of treatment. To do this
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retracted. Good vesicular murmur can be heard on the
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as a ruthless, cyclonic Juggernaut. An inspection of the
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I should class the conditions we have been considering,
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protect property from being destroyed by the zealously-