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progress in study of the physiology of the foetus, particu-
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versity of Virginia are echoed in this respect by those
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might be, had it been known that it was proposed to
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of the nut against the side of the slot when the screw is
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tion require surgical treatment. The latter treatment
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severe type for nearly fifteen years, and during that time
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great importance to the aged; it should be simple and
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before you. In regard to the injection of hydrogen gas,
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in the rectum ; I shall only refer to those tha;t would likely
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alone during the month of August the mortality was 6,235,
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ing, or for a nominal fee. The maximal price depends
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formation of fibrous, cartilaginous, or possibly of bony,
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Br. Weiss had made measurements of the orbit on the
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but we shall be wise to heed the example of older coun-
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these cases in detail. In a child, aged one and a half,
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obstruction, and resorted to inguinal colotomy, as a simpler
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jury in the head. Dr. Whitelock, of Cilasgow, reminded
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feeble, as was also vocal fremitus; pulse, 148 ; abdomen
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neurasthenic states may be superimposed upon organic
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resorted to by judicious and conservative practitioners.
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the seat of such a collection. Among the author's cases
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layers of tissues, instead of being restricted to the surface.
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among surgeons that rest, immobility, and time are the main features
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signs of general peritonitis, justifies the diagnosis of a
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eyes are heavy, objects look confused, the lids are falling,
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Bouchard finally has analyzed the different sources of
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vil, on the sewage disposal at Merthyr, South Wales.
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limits. Florida, and Charleston, S. C, suffered in 1871,
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time arrives for entering the great world of society, or, as
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the weakest 39 D. In fifty-five eyes there was simple
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charge from the tube-tract. Three months subsequently
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The free growth of hair in the meatus, found most fre-
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journal edited by Dr. J. C. Danise. Nebraska now has
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