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at the New York Hospital. Perhaps in thirty per cent,

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source of most of these troubles ; whereas, undoubtedly,

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time bear in mind that there are bone lesions that no

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Rheumatism, which is frequently overlooked in children,

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the forearm. When he came under Dr. Boeckel s care,

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man did not agree with Dr. Phillips' estimate of the value

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the President, introduced Dr. G. H. Oliver, delegate from

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I removed from each of this man's hands a tubercle,

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Cases of this kind have already been reported by Agnew.

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wet is very sticky and tenacious. Vehicles passing over

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smegma retained beneath the prepuce of the clitoris.

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brought me, digested with all the impartiality I possess,

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The discussion which followed dealt mostly with the

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be followed by speedy relief. Incisions of furuncles are,

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