interest of the lecture, the moral is somewhat trite. The
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slight. There was no pus at the site of the nepiirectomy,
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right eye. In the supra-orbital regions of both sides, par-
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remarks ; though I might add many others, I think it
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panying beginning cataract. This is sometimes relieved by
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fails to break the fever, so that we cannot rely upon the
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Exact Statistics on this subject are still wanting, and it is
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the operation proposed by the last speaker might expose
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his opinion, should precede the graver operation of neph-
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were treated in a similar manner, one of whom got well,
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tain diseases ; but in apjjlying the term neurasthenia to a
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cient quantity the vessel was inclined, so that I got con-
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Professor Ladd has undertaken to embody in a syste-
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certain. This is to be effected by study and comparison
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with a pin without feeling the prick. Even pulling down
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formed intubation of the larj-nx with a successful result.
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successes, and Blum's makes one more. He was called
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study of the localities of occurrence of such cases, by the
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The first day will be given to the discussion of abdominal
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In his introductory remarks, the speaker referred to the
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two weeks. During the attacks he had no appetite ; could
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while the other was greatly benefited. — Medical Press.
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it three days previously, it had then most probably
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kindly, truthful criticism, the pointing out of errors and
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fractaire i la tuberculose. In the 1st volume of Verneuil's Etudes
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that it was especially apt to cause symptoms of asthe-