case two children in one family have died from hemorrhage

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20, 1886. The treatment during the first five weeks was

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staltic contraction about half an hour afterward. I'hree

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low the first legal punishment of inebriates, seen in a repe-

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nerve-ends and by irritating the neighboring parts, causing

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nerves in sympathetic relation with the ear — especially of

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of personal pique against Dr. Gloster for refusing to com-

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fully. The advocates of the admission of women to the

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If the experience of the writer is confirmed, it is appar-

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Dr. J. W. S. Gouley said, with regard to the restric-

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Dr. Ross, of Manchester, characterized this as a most

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plained sufficiently the method of irrigating the kidney.

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and died eight months later from pulmonary phthisis.

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rient mineral water is recommended. The rectum should

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ease a fifteenth, of the annual deaths. One-third of this

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used. Accurate analyses of the urine, etc., were made

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more than two and one-third per cent. It was possible

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therefore still a moderate degree of sensory aphasia, the

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over 102°, he grew very restless and became aphasic, be-

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years ago last August the symptoms became worse, and

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elevation of temperature, but to oppression of the nervous

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strip up the longitudinal and lateral sinuses to a consid-

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For twelve weeks he went on physicking this poor wretch,

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peritoneum out of the way. Tenacula are by this pro-

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independently, or as a consequence of other changes in