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ter Place ; Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Drummond, 3631 Delmar
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selves. In trying to reach a diagnosis the probabilities
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drogen, and inflated with Roosa's inhaler as in No. I.
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discovered by Dr. H. C. H. Herold, of Newark, N. J.,
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reared children to be prepared in the following manner ;
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sist of amorphous basis-substance, with the usual fibrils
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them before leaving the room. In consultations it is the
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the chronic muco-periosteal inflammation, caries of the
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lieved in tonics, and that of the cold plimge as beneficial
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comfort the treatment is amply justified. At the Chil-
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twelve years adopted the same plan, and for the very same
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choreiform movements of the velum palati, accompanied
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1888, and Transactions of the Ninth International Medical Congress,
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Dr. Peabodv reported a case in which middle-ear dis-
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placed him upon the alterative pills with iodide and stil-
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selves during the past year. An anterior examination re-
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He had known the sign to fail both where there was a
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Dr. E. D. Fisher also reported a case of dislocation
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able doubt that these articles of diet, which to most per-
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medulla is crushed (and the operation therefore useless)
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necessitated a very fatiguing effort on the part of the ear,
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ment of the lower part of the sternum and of the adja-
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Phebo-sclerosis is a systemic condition analagous to
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come to the conclusion that if an operation is to be per-
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in his report of my paper read before the Ohio State
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its worth is yet fully appreciated, and its advantages over
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rectly " or indirectly cannot be absolutely settled by the
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that all febrile processes may do so. In this connection
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fused food, died of inanition in three weeks. Autopsy :