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physician as to etiology, pathology, and treatment. It oc-
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Dr. Freire says that the American sojourned but a short
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or the acne, as they were not spoken of at the time.
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sults, it cannot be said, as a matter of fact, that these will
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about on the shore. The limbs thus become warm again,
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hotel-keepers or owners of the springs. Tables were
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■direct calorimetiic methods ought always to be control-
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Si.x years and three months afterward there was no sign
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stance in the sterilized culture, which contains a toxic
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loss of blood, though the general infection be such as to
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decomposition was very considerably delayed in the bodies
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hydrated suboxide. Under such circumstances it is judi-
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ing with atrophy of the latter. This difference in the
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simpler elements, and its diseases in their lower forms
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has been normal for ten days. There has been no dis-
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ptomaines as regular constituents of urine in cystinuria.
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when it is used than when the powder is employed, since
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there was a decided gape in the membrane, and V = ./JL,
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to the experience of abler surgeons than ourselves in this
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toms, he repeated the experiment with the same result.