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G. Harvey, of Blue Mound, 111., relates the following :

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talking was the rule, the hyoidean elements would co-

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prospered in Scotland, where one in six hundred attended

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ploratory puncture was made in the left loin with a some-

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and treatment of disease by the practical physician at the

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operation of the gravest and most doubtful import. Vir-

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accuracy of the diagnosis and the care wdth which the

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Owing to the patient's limited command of English it

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vere pains in the region of the right kidney, but principally

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carbolic acid. At the same time alcoholic drinks were

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angular gyrus. Removal of the bone resulted in complete

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the intent to do mischief to another is thus formed as a

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lung expanded well, and the patient passed a comfortable

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ing. There was also wasting of the skin. In conclusion,

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dences of its continued usefulness. During the year five

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of the obstruction, but I am sure that those who try it in

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been able to trace the contagion. Analogies have been

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during life. In every instance there was a flap of tissue

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ported cases, and especially that reported by Dr. Jarvis,

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is concerned, but there are still some important questions

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subsided quickly under the influence of sahcylate of soda;

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not be instituted in cases of typhoid fever, in which per-

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ing the tendons. Continued the iodide ; used no local

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F.) ; tongue coated, but moist. She complained of short-

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attacks were of the pseudo gastralgic form, the pain being

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neuralgic in its character. I have classed with the latter

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false, between the charlatan and the honest, conscientious