vascular changes which were found at the autopsies of
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drawn attention, so far as it concerns such dryness as to
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The following is a brief summary of his comprehensive
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Medical Jounml) points out that there are certain con-
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evaporans of Hutchinson," and, finally, glycerinum acidi
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rect guide would be the length of the limb : but this is just as reliable
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hot water, with no particular relief ; then leeches were
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and ended in October, with a death list of 6,700 souls. In
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perature was normal, and convalescence was thereafter
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more, instead of less, inclined to make his study of the
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either unseparated or in cavity lined with tubercular gran-
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was tried and found impossible. The child was finally
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fortable. He could not easily understand how one could
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countries. I am not advised as yet whether the law has
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and name an object by touch or taste or smell would be
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utes, remained mostly liquid. Ten minutes thereafter,
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entire series. Their record reads: Total, 15; relieved,
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mation is extremely liable to follow their use. To do this
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an emigrant. He said it was the opinion of the secretary
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are altogetlier in favor of the former, and that the burden
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tary, Dr. R. L. Thompson, of St. Louis ; Treasurer, Dr.
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Spring is called for (Coan).' A distinction must be made
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The author referred to the importance of recognizing
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two cases ; in the first there was no pus, but three or four
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largement of the abdominal lymphatic glands, adhesions,
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absorbed crystalline lens, with a discolored and ap-
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roots of tliis nerve, instead of uniting in the axilla, di-
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ent cases. As Jiirgensen" has pointed out, the very inclu-
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of this condition in the vessels of the brain, or at least