Dr. Martin expressed a doubt as to the effect which

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of which the operation was performed for the removal

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puscles and the development of plexiform filaments; (5)

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bral anaemia, but is unfit for cases of cerebral excitement

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acid, justify the generalization of their employment in

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I gave this girl a careful e.xamination, and found a sen-

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ing would result, an anaesthetic was not given. The little

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perhaps be discovered, its cure probably never. Modern

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the Orange Mountains, from which it could be distribu-

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of Professor Antal, in which the male urethra was used

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house-physician — with an attack of perityphlitis in which

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rhages or inflammatory processes in the choroid, which are

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occurs after scarlet fever, and look upon the ear disease

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tion of the womb after death was not due to the influence of

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tendons. The chief distortion is in the astragalus, the

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ceptible. After the age of fifty-five susceptibility lessens.

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time past. The crucible, the microscope, and the scalpel

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and a half ounce from the right side. The patient is im-

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has been given for the treatment by rest, other tj -n that

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being fed with tannin, died of tuberculosis, while those

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feebly as it approaches this aim, and not merely to find

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with boroglyceride. A sister, aged nine, had also a sim-

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thin that it is very fle.xible. The advantage of flexibility

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disappear wholly or in part. But we often meet with

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Silence, even under great provocation, is always welcomed

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from pain. In another case, the canal was so blocked up

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Reception to Dr. \ . O. Priestley of London. — I)r

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inoculation experiments have been made ; the law is well

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plunged himself deeply in debt, and was arrested in Wales

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stances produce local anaesthesia, but in their application