courteous manner in which he had presided during the

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ment on the first opportunity. Within the next week

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thought that if the diagnosis was made previous to the

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in 139 cases. The seat of the lesion is variable, being

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signs of general peritonitis, justifies the diagnosis of a

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turning the gig and throwing out the two occupants.

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Medicine and Morals were being sapped through the cal-

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moval. It apparently consists of modified sebaceous

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tion in its practical relations, the author stated that his re-

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condensed milk as an article of infant food, for the

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tumor. The patient was a boy aged fourteen. Shortly

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follicular tonsillitis and specific diphtheria. While, in the

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purpose is one containing : Whiskey, paregoric, glycerine,

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administration in diabetes mellitus may be due to the

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cause of immaterial vital depression through the con-

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scientific principles by French and German savants is

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scopical examination of the excised growth by a compe-

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condition does exist, and that the fact is an important