concretions) ; he then made an incision three centimetres
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ingly some land was prepared for this purpose. It was
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plications to explain this issue, and with primary union of
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a diagnosis to that effect having been made by a phy-
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ing salicylic acid in distilled water and saturating the
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see that the patient is in a comfortable and secure posi-
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been expected for a long time, was born to science in
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to the same condition. That deviations of the septum
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atmosphere, and carelessly allowed to remain until its
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The best way of making these was by means of a steri-
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the ejection of sputa was favored by the use of Stokes'
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from him about it. On investigating the subject, I came
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strong belief of the mother. Malformations, he says, are
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to get the fingers in the groin, and occasionally the elbow
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days after the operation, and in which natural passage of
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or inflammatory thickening of the intestine and mesentery
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ers. A large number of experiments were performed to
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founded a new pathology of urethritis. He describes af-
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It was decided to ligate the common carotid in the up-
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Volvulus of small intestine below the fistula, without gan-
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sterile, a long sufferer from ovarian dysmennorhoea of the
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monia have ever been at loggerheads, and the latter is
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ease we throw the weight, by means of mechanical sup-
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the hand looking directly in the axis of the uterus. The
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Pp. 100. Philadelphia : P. Blakiston, Son & Co.
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and had found Koch's bacillus in but 45. In 52 autop-
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then, provided the urine originally contained .05 per cent,
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tlie hepatic cells was present. The vascular system was
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Weir and Dr. William T. Bull tendered a reception to
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31, 1887, has just been issued. The greater part of the
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After the meeting had been called to order. Dr. Ross,
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is not difficult to abort the disease. He contends that