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me to state definitely the time it would take to cure her.
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It brings together strange company. The men who dwelt
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in the organ, and no bad results followed. The needle
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greater than that of Bombay or Calcutta. A brief review
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To Take a Litter from the Ambulance. — The chief com-
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by the aid of cocaine injections. He then reviewed the
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procedures by recounting a series of hj'pothetical dangers.
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The subject of the paper came under observation May
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state (rheumatism, gout), Dr. Yoal thinks that in certain
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difficulty in breathing, a dry mouth, and headache. A
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Ball, R. R., First Lieutenant and Assistant Surgeon.
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bridge or one side of the nose, or may be supra-orbital, or
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sufferer from chronic hypertrophic rhinitis, which may or
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of leprosy by immediate contact and injury of the skin."
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