tuberculosis. Such an idea had often occurred to him,
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says as to the effect of the Florida climate upon the va-
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It will be noticed that immediately on contact with the
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A brief report of the cases operated upon was given
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cutta, HowTah, and the suburbs, dwelling especially on the
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Dr. J. C. White. Adjournment at 1.30 p.m. Afternoon
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Neuroses," W. Locke Chew, M.L)., Birmingham, Ala. ;
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follicular tonsillitis, on the part of those whose experience
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an inch in length, one on each side of the line of fracture,
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is 3 per cent, while in Scotland it is 5.25 per cent. A
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other city — not excepting some American ones. The
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appeared to be about to die, and yet when everything was
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sons living in rural districts, where the history of each case
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noticed that he could not tell, without looking, whether or
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giving abduction or adduction), Bradford, Park, Steele,
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Finlay ^ has rejjorted a very interesting case illustrating
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type ; />. I^eg type^peroneal form. 2. Primary progres-
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ure on the absence of the nuclear corpuscles, which in
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proved by the anatomical examination. The fourth case
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toms usher in the attack the diagnosis must remain in
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work of such men, and the good counterbalanced, to a
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amine the body as if it were a machine or a chemical
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ter, so that, if possible, steps might be taken to secure the
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after embrace that great safeguard against imposture and
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wound was closed. It then appeared as though a cystic
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ing from what he considers a purely catarrhal headache.