should be borne in mind in studying the nature and cause
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'Phe curious part of it is, that with very few exceptions the
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pronounced and his speech rapid and fluent. Like the
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considerable hemorrhage, suspected renal mischief, or
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recognition. In the words of a homely Southern wit, " If
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has been sustained by the Board of Health of Westerly,
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among the lower classes of the South, especially the ne-
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considered in arriving at a definite conclusion as to the
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ing plenty of sublimated water and prepared napkins in
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tween which affections and ti^phoid fever, therefore, the
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ing life, are breathing into his nostrils the breath of death.
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nasal cavities, proved both by specimens of bone and
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when he was himself suffering from a carbuncle, and found
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There are two points of interest connected with this
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Beaumetz, and several others, the secretion of urine is
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causes the latter to be so bent or constricted that it can
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is a good method. Certainly no case can be a severer test
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which he had recently committed himself on the subject.
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men, and the mesenteric vessels secured in three ligatures.
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and the limb was then dressed by encircling the joint with
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The second is, that the evils of drunkenness are least felt
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in multiple sclerosis; 8.7 to 12, in exophthalmic goitre;
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to call. The family lived in a village about seven miles
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iris discolored, and adherent to capsule of lens ; pupil
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sis. In men, on the other hand, who made more demands
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tling the nature of the growth in this case, whether it be
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especially successful. Seeing that the only alternative is
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principles of treatment." Part I. is styled General Disease.
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ried and twenty-eight years of age. Alopecia was decided,
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and we do not venture to argue against the storm of ag-
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His observations on the cases so treated led him to the
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Freire's recent publication, in which he makes^a desperate