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cious pains in the limbs and loins, intense fever, and rapid
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is no more dangerous to remove than many other organs.
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nally, Dr. Smirnoff is disposed to deny entirely the exist-
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she talked much and incoherently, and then became more
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affection of the lungs. Circulatory changes were the mark-
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ilar attacks occurring in the same individual at successive
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The foregoing abstract from the table of contents gives
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the longevity of total abstainers and moderate drinkers.
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self, to be by its presence, or its absence, extremely
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week, after which the joint requires neither immobilization
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ments in climate for the treatment of phthisical cases.
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but no disturbance of utterance, no misplacing of words,
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And yet, after all has been said on the side of humanity,
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red blood-corpuscles, and spectroscopic examination gave
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action, and are employed in consumption, coughs, chronic
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caused by coryza, we may have a fair idea of the suf-
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One-Child Sterilitv. — Out of 1,081 gynecological
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For the ligation of tlie sac we believe catgut to be the
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