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Dr. E. D. Fisher had seen one of Dr. Starr's cases,

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He said that he was the first person in Glasgow to adopt

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an element of error), and by which a qualitative test can

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than the right side. The middle lobe was of the size of

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was then introduced, and the excoriations treated. The

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January I gth. — Consultation for "scientific inquiry."

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plexity of sjTiiptoms arose to which Dr. Gray had given

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two kinds of bacteria — a micrococcus and a small

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scribed ; the majority of them, however, are decidedly

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separated and then mixed with a glass of water, there

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that is taken away the better, since flail-like union is less

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face, and protect his eyes from the sun. Should he have

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cause no symptoms if slight, or it may cause nervous or

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Dublin obstetrics and Dublin obstetricians have been

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as I am aware this point has not been investigated by Eu-

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with the marked resemblance of her peculiar cough to

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ceed to Forts Riley and Hays, Kan., near Denver, and

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jected on the first day, the tube was dry when the infla-

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He is subject to the same laws of propagation. In-and-

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is often impossible to tell how difficult the case may be,

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then become intoxicated for the purpose of executing it.

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the distance of an inch in every direction from the umbili-

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trated or diffuse, around which, as a rule, there is a zone of

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enough there would be no need of machinery of any sort.

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been materially augmented, and the period of convales-

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ferred to Mackenzie's ' historical sketch of these growths.

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ception of what seems to him at the time the philosophic

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to an antiphlogistic treatment until the almost complete

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