malarial fever, is greatly in excess of the number of cases diag-

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may be formed. The glands alone may be afiected. He

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colony. He remarked upon the marked want of harmony

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Hot applications, in addition to morphine and camphor

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of argument to sustain the position taken ; viz., that these

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same as in that of fibroid phthisis from immaterial inte-

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diac sounds clear. She slept well ; sputum, mucus. Be-

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dollars every year to help support the pauper labor of

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intensity, and have fanned into a flame what may have

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process is untenable, because it does not satisfactorily

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yellow-fever epidemic. All during that fall the malarial

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unusually developed, the squamous portion three times as

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exceptional cases. These he classified as follows : i.

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two attending surgeons, who saw the patient in consulta-

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a7i'ay from the daily maximum in order, I suppose, to keep

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After her sickness she obtained an easier place, where she

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cient quantity the vessel was inclined, so that I got con-

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cord instead of attacking the morbid growth on the left.

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but broken-down cells and tissues floating in a variable

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in the open wound about the drainage-tube. If the super-

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I have usually noticed that unpleasant results following

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