urged another attempt, but the danger of reaction was
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boiled milk with pleasure. Is it a wonder that patients
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peake Bay ; at Key West ; in San Diego harbor ; in San
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He had noted the bacterial conditions in 73 autopsies
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Dr. Weigert, finding that tubercle bacilli outside the
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second, the form of the median enlargement ; and, third,
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diagnosis was made of an abscess in the cortex of tlie
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culty in speaking appeared the patient became very irrit-
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certain and practical. 2. Instruments or dressings sub-
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gr., 1.039, ^"^ contained seventy grains of sugar. Con-
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eased beeves, four might be assumed to be capable of
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to the commanding officer, Fort Porter, N. Y., for duty
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therefore, to have one cow with tubercular mastitis in
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only, but when he was set an example he at once pro-
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will have peritoneal foetation. In other cases the impreg-
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8. The e.xecutive committee shall be composed of one
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by direction of the Acting Secretary of War, the leave of
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better can be said of liquid injections. They, too, have
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which improvement took place at first, but the growth
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in the treatment of tubercular disease of the asiiagalus.
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During the last six years he has lost thirty-five pounds in
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taking much the same position as that of Dr. Richardson.
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were observed with ordinary illumination, all behind the
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certain amount of air must necessarily ascend from the
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in large and lucrative i)ractice, who cannot leave without
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13th. The mother did well, having no febrile disturbance.
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the urility of certain drugs, such as mercury and iodine ?