haled, is as injurious as that of a cigarette inhaled.

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avoided whenever the patient can in any way manage to

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Dr. Smith referred to cases, not frequent in this coun-

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portance to our infant population, to direct attention to

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total abstainers and habitually temperate drinkers of alco-

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be no doubt, its requirements in this respect being quite

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The space at our disposal precludes an adequate re\iew

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peated, and the patient dying before the liver shrunk.

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language. Be satisfied if they correctly translate ours

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Medical and Surgical Relations," the debate being opened

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tenced for the same offence from one to twenty-eight times

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daily since the operation. I had in mind to open up and

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counter to his experience : ist, the proposition that car-

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taste, and with a smell similar to that of many prepara-

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teorological Council and by the Board of Public Health

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and gradual perfection of antiseptic methods, that of the

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has betnovate c been discontinued

require to be guarded against. As to the dangers of in-

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suture is sufficiently strong to hold the fragments to-

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ingenuity, and the object which they are designed to fulfil (that is,

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Unfortunately, the normal healthful condition of the

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significant. They show that a large percentage of lupus

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in these cases, I advised that he go to a genitourinary

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of producing any \icious constitutional effect. Although

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maternal mortalities from twent}'-five per cent, to fifty-

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remained passive. The " ring of contraction " corre-