wholesome dwellings, suffered infinitely more than the upper stories
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common and peculiar to all districts where goitre is endemic,
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tion, previous love, disappointment, perhaps sexual gratification, frequently self-
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Muscle Strength.- — Power on the left side is nomial. The
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branch of this business thai I really cannol distinguish which one is entitled to the
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highly injurious, [fthe "regulars" are ashamed of the term, (as they evidently are,) let
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is no evidence of a parenchymatous infiltration of the lungs.
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are healthy in proportion to their regularity, temperance, and nourishment. Many of
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gradually to 0.9 gram. Six doses of salvarsan may be given,
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And in addition to the labors of men individually, it should be the duly >>{' the
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period in the life of woman, I can with confidence recommend the Blood Reno-
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ters on hospital construction and on the arrangements for the
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bowel insufflations of calomel powder may be made once or twice
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the dignity of an honorable old age^ but with the dignities
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regarding it as formed either of fibrills or of discs, decomposable
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" After great care this patient recovered very good vision in six
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estimated, its pulsation, contour, and density may be studied.
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or grubs, varies in size according to the age and temperament of the person or animal
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where discredited. No one would indeed now dream of refer*
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The patient is a rather short, well-developed, broad-statured,
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in ft given specimen of blood. Ordinary human blood has remark-
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to those who are continually discouraging tho sick by telling them that they are
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vnth a brief Account of their Symptoms, Pathology, and
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well as humanity demand that this should be earnestly attempted.
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ponderating organism in the blood, among any of the lower cksses
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Patient No. 1 (Case No. 188): This patient is an Episco-
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ished or not relieved at all. In these instances the use of anti-
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with this cough and expectoration the patient gradually lost
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0.20 per cent.; in a week the blood-sugar had dropped to 0.17
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op3rated on. The incision into the pharynx was made as far
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Sepend upon the condition of the internal organs and how it is accomplished. All
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baBmorrhage* and slowly gave birth to a great, soft, vascular myoma. Other
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of genuine scarlatina.^ To the medical officers of the navy we
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In reference to the presence of iodine in animal fluids, after the