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to include them in any of the above groups. Among these are two cited
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especially at night. On October 24, 1945, the patient was
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and then again very rapid and irregular. Inability to stand soon
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cago in 1865 to the year 1890, when the first Federal meat-inspec-
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of the American Medical Association; member and for-
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(From the Hunterian Laboratory of Experimental Pathology*
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than 2 pounds. The thoracic cavity was filled with serous exudate,
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statistics from medical journals could be quoted, but it is not neces-
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west of the Ninth Guide Meridian West in Fremont County; all that part of the Terri-
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Regulation 6. — All cattle, sheep, swine,^ or goats slaughtered at an establishment at
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present on her right leg, left wrist and a finger of the
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for there are cells which are elongate, carrot-like
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176. ♦BiCHTEB, C. F. : " Dissertatio medica de infanticidio in artis
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Clinical Representatives on the Staff of the Department of Pathology.
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muscles, relieving the tension of these muscles on their
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began immediately to exert their destructive influence. Passed
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.Mttinlltrll tlii'si' I'ai-ts lia\r 1 II klmwii I'm' snnii' lilili'. it lias lii'i'M
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or Thoroughbred. By a heavy breed is meant one of the draft breeds,
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of buildings of this character. Circulars were issued stating that
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iiitonncdiatc foniiatioii of /i iiyi|i'o\y ami /Mvctotiic aoiils. Tlioir iiMfe
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Case 1. — A w(mian of 26, who had had several previous operations for
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accpiircd. the crowninir jiroeess of intellectual devclopineiil thi' forma
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it is stated that previous children had had some congenital abnormality.
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Although there is no clinical picture that is typi-
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((•nils to i-aiisc MM iiicicasc in moa cxiMcliiin causes in liinls and icjifilos
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separate room removed from killing floors, or rooms where meat products are handled or
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in the surrounding tissues many yellowlsA tubercular areas were noted. There
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costal pleura supports a few inflammatory fibrous neoplasms. The diaphrag-
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up on a state level first and from there develop down to
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Donnell. Thomas A DeSoto McKinstry, Karl V DeSoto Sum, Othmar J Barnhart
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Within an hour he was suffering from severe gastro-
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I, will 1 r int.'rest to eonsi.ler for a nicm.ent tlie possible causes tor the
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snstent.ieiil.-if siilistjiiice : (ir i:!^ tlnit MMiie elieiiiieal siilistiiiiee in the liver
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The problem of the acute abdomen is a complex one. A careful history and
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surprising sport. Hence this susceptibility for certain diseases and
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The dates of March 27 to March 30, 1949, were chosen
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Lund. Herluf G., M.D., St. Louis, a graduate of Wash-
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situated at the level of the Junction of the cystic and hepatic ducts. Fine