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brane, thereby masking the visual rods and cones. At the right of the figure
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is found to increase in absolute weight fastest during the middle
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ration occurred in 38, the proportion being a fraction under one-fifth. Of
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as in the cat, strikingly different in appearance (fig. 39, A and B)
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ledged or openly averred by nearly all succeeding cultivators
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there is no morbid product analogous to that which is characteristic of
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there may be no want of what are significantly termed grinding
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existence of a circumscribed and, excepting in young children, subacute
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of a conmiunication from the facial nerve to the tympanic plexus
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to the 'bontones de Auerbach' and the 'bontones de trajecto' of
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iDeen given to it. The evils of the habitual use of opium are to be con-
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who assisted me ; Mr. Williams, Lecturer on Chemistry, and
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or entirely, to complications or intercurrent afiections.
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ing prior to the fifth day. In cases which end in recovery, the convales-
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at birth with that of the fetal pig. J. Biol. Chem., vol. 14, p. 267.
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been hitherto chiefly employed, but which readily shrivels up
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first affected. It differs from the latter affection, however, in the fact
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or less soreness and stiff'ness in moving the affected parts. Sometimes
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nerve cell. Later, however, he altered his interpretation of these
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those patients very few days after the employment of the antimonial
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American from the Eighth Revised and Enlarged English Edition, with ISotes and Addi-
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Is left unstated or unexplained. — Am. Med. Times.
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ne}' s after death from the acute affection. The}' are in notable excess in
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occur before death takes place from uraemia, and either urea or the car-
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the first act of sexual congress after marriage. Subsequently, a paroxysm
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that this special cause is reproduced within the bod}-, does not rest upon
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the occurrence, in 1856, of over 500 cases in the neighborhood of the quar-
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to occasion uraemia. If they interfere with the secretory functions of the
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N. terminalis in Bdellostoma presents a stage intermediate
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Suppurative inflammation of the kidneys is one of the rarest of diseases,
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general symptoms, do not present an ai)pearance of great gravit}^ It
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the kidneys may be completely destroyed by hydronephrosis without any
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of the shivering fits, that they now came on every day, sometimes
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degenerated descending mesencephalic root fibers appear only
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In some cases, the leading indication is derived from the intensit}^ of
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period evidently hopeless, unless something further was done.
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is not improbably referrible to the kind of congenital mutilations
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tions (figs. 5, 6, and 11) showed indisputably the close relation